M.A.X Out Your Fitness Life

This Month's Group
Exercise Timetable

This Month's Group Exercise Timetable

Circuit Series

2 Classes as a solution for your complete and engaging exercise

HIIT Total Body A short 10-30 minutes intense exercise intervals with light recovery exercise. Help increasing your fat burning process. Suitable for a person who have limited time but want to shed out some weights.

Functional Circuit A functional movement exercise with more than 4 fully-equipped exercise stations which are fun, entertain and burn lots of calories for those who love natural movement that transfer performance to their daily life.

Strength and Flex Series

Strength and Flex Series6 classed for those who are looking for great physique and performance

Fit Ball x Bosu Fitball and Bosu Ball t ll training whid ich help imp improve your balance, increase strength and improve  flexibility by constantly challenge your body along the session.

Pilates Mat Train your body control an nd balancing physical, mental and emotional part of you.

Super Abs. Intense core training for nailing your body control

Yoga A training of body and mind along with breathing practice to create equilibrium.

Recovery Stretching A whole body light stretching to facilitate recovery both before and after your exercise session.

Foam Roller stretch yourself with foam roller to help get rid of tension and massage your deep muscles effectively.

Cardio Series

5 classes for getting in shape and reducing your body fat percentage.

K -Pop Dance Dance session in rhythm of Koran pop music with combinations of various fitness improving moves, jazz moves, hip hop dance and etc.

Zumba Dance A combination of Latin America dance such as belly dance, aerobic moves and Hip Hop.

Easy Step Dancing with stepper equipment. With many exciting moves, you can be sure to get your heart racing and burn fats constantly.

Easy Move Dancing in tune with your whole body in various functional planes of movement

Multi- Step / Double Step Dancing with multiple steppers. Increasing your choice of movement and challenges. Raise your calorie burnt counts and get your heart working tremendously.

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Leaders Pro (Personalized training included)

  • Unlimited gym admission
  • Get advices from our exercise specialists
  • Free daily V02 M.A.X exercise class
  • Free fitness trackers (activity tracker watch and HR strap)
  • Get your own personal trainer
  • Personalized your training plan
  • Monthly BMI and body composition measurement

Leaders Core  (Self-training)

  • Unlimited gym admission
  • Get advices from our exercise specialists
  • Free daily V02 M.A.X exercise class
  • Free fitness trackers (activity tracker watch andHR strap)

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V02 M.A. X Studio offers a studio rental service for people interest in hosting their own exercise class, dance class or group exercise class. Leaders Member gets special discount.

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