Leaders Performance & Wellness Team

Get to know our health and exercise gravity lab bangkok specialist

* Performance Coaching is certified by EXOS Certification

Mongkolrat Sakurd (Nick), pilates reformer

Mongkolrat Sakurd

General Manager/

Performance Director

Tanapoom Nangyam (Poom), bouldering bangkok

Tanapoom Nangyam

Chief Performance Coach

Phunnee Joonsang (Fon), gravity lab bangkok

Phunnee Joonsang

Performance Coach/

Pilates Instructor

Nipon Amlamai (Best), pilates reformer

Nipon Amlamai

Performance Coach/

Pilates Instuctor

Sorakarn Thongjaras (Donut), bouldering bangkok

Sorakarn Thongjaras

Climbing Coach/

Chief Route Setter

Niti Thammunee (Ice), rock climbing bangkok

Niti Thammunee

Climbing Coach /

Performance Coach

Jamorn Thipsuntia (Tee), pilates studio

Jamorn Thipsuntia

Climbing Coach/

Performance Coach

Poowanut Kaewjunsong (Nut), pilates reformer

Poowanut Kaewjunsong

Customer Relation

Sasithon Thumree (Cindy), bouldering bangkok

Sasithon Thumree

Cafe Manager